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For nearly 45 years, we have placed more than 9,000 children into loving, forever homes.

Brazil Adoption Program

Hand In Hand’s newest adoption program for families who want to adopt children from Brazil.

Bulgaria Adoption Program

An excellent option for many parents who wish to adopt a child or sibling group.

China Adoption Program

A well-established and regular part of Hand In Hand’s work for over 20 years.

Haiti Adoption Program

A long-established program. Hand In Hand began assisting with Haitian adoptions in 1994.

Philippines Adoption Program

A stable international adoption program. The Philippines adoption process is well established and transparent.

Philippines Orphan Hosting Program

A successful way to unite older waiting children with adoptive families.

Waiting Child Adoption

No less deserving of a family of their own, many children are currently waiting to be adopted because of their age, medical needs or status as a member of a sibling group.


  • ...in good hands

    Hand In Hand was a great adoption organization to go through. We felt like our case was in good hands. We were very nervous about going to Russia, but the Russian staff was fabulous and literally held our hands every step of the way! Thanks so much to Hand In Hand, we now have a soon-to-be 12-year-old daughter that has been added to our family.

    ...in good hands
    T. P. and K. P
    of Indiana
    adopted from Russia
  • ...highly recommended

    When looking for an adoption agency, we did a lot of research of agencies throughout the U.S. One reason we chose Hand in Hand was it came highly recommended. Another reason is because Hand In Hand did all of the paperwork necessary and knew the laws. On our trip to Guatemala, we met a number of couples that struggled with getting their children because they did not have the correct paperwork finished or done correctly. We never had that issue in our two adoptions because Hand In Hand took care of it for us. We thank Hand In Hand for making our two adoptions go so smoothly. We have been recommending them to other families seeking adoption.

    ...highly recommended
    A. S. and K. S.
    of Indiana
    adopted from Guatemala
  • ...thrilled to be using HiHi Adoptions again

    We can’t begin to say how thankful we are for Hand in Hand. We are thrilled to be starting another adoption through them!

    ...thrilled to be using HiHi Adoptions again
    M. G. and J. G.
    of Minnesota
    adopted from Haiti
  • ...grateful for the support & expertise

    [We] were fortunate to have the opportunity to adopt two beautiful children through Hand In hand, our older daughter from Russia and our younger daughter from Guatemala. We were equally fortunate to have been able to work through the wonderful folks at Hand in Hand, and we will forever be grateful for their support and expertise maneuvering through the maze of both adoption processes.

    ...grateful for the support & expertise
    J. J. and L. J.
    of Colorado
    adopted from Russia and Guatemala
  • ...there every step of the way

    We had a wonderful experience with Hand in Hand. [They were] there every step of the way to help us with questions and support us during the wait. All of the paperwork was explained very well, which made that part of the process painless and smooth. We want to thank everyone at Hand in Hand… who helped us bring our little angel home. We are so grateful for the compassionate work they do to keep the adoption process a beautiful and life-changing experience.

    ...there every step of the way
    G. S. and J. S.
    of Minnesota
    adopted from Philippines
  • ...sensitive to our needs

    Hand In Hand is an organized and quality agency who was sensitive to our needs. Their experience made our adoption process enjoyable and excited. We are forever grateful to Hand In Hand and God for placing our daughter with us.

    ...sensitive to our needs
    D. T. and B. T.
    of Minnesota
    adopted from Russia
  • ...very supportive

    Hand In Hand was very helpful throughout my adoption experience. It’s a difficult period of waiting, but [the staff members] were very supportive in providing any information as it became available. All of the work was worth it! My daughter has been home for almost seven years and continues to be an incredible blessing. She has taught me and many others about love, joy and acceptance. Thank you to Hand In Hand for helping create my family!

    ...very supportive
    C. E.
    of Colorado
    adopted from Haiti
  • ...wonderful facilitators & friends

    We are the proud parents of two incredible sons we adopted from Guatemala through Hand In Hand. Each of our journeys was extremely special because of the wonderful facilitators and friends at Hand In Hand, who are extremely professional people with a heart for the children and families. We wouldn’t trade our relationship with Hand in Hand for anything.

    ...wonderful facilitators & friends
    J. F. and D. F.
    of Colorado
    adopted from Guatemala
  • ...staffed by adoptive parents

    Adoption has been a huge blessing to our family. Our extended family has also felt blessed by the addition of our children. It is a continuing joy to incorporate another culture into our lives.

    We did three separate adoptions through Hand In Hand in less than three years, so we got to know the agency staff very well. I took comfort in the fact that I was being helped by people who were adoptive parents themselves. They had once had the same fears and anxieties that I had, and they understand how difficult waiting can be.

    Adopting from Guatemala is a very uncertain adventure. Hand In Hand works with a fabulous attorney in Guatemala who works very hard on every case. We are happy to recommend them to anyone interested in growing their family through adoption.

    ...staffed by adoptive parents
    J. B. and S. B.
    of Indiana
    adopted from Guatemala
  • ...wonderful & trusted

    Hand In Hand is wonderful! Right from the beginning of this amazing journey, we felt that we could trust them to guide us through this very important and miraculous time in our lives. They have taken such good care of us and made the adoption process (which can be such an emotional time) a joyful and beautiful process on the path to becoming parents. We can’t thank Hand In Hand enough!

    ...wonderful & trusted
    R. M. and P. M.
    of Minnesota
    adopted from China
  • ...personal and caring; removed the worry

    The Hand In Hand adoption experience is such a personal and caring one! It was of course a life changing event for me. But with the many years of experience that the Hand in Hand staff brings, the process was incredibly smooth. [They] know the intricacies of all the paperwork needed as well as how to tune in to the emotional needs of the parents-to-be. And the in-country [liaisons that work with Hand In Hand] made sure I was accompanied every step to the way in China as I was finishing paperwork, meeting with officials, and meeting my newest family member. They removed the worry so that I could concentrate on getting to know and creating bonds with my beautiful new daughters!

    of Colorado
    adopted from China
  • ...with us every step of the way

    Hand In Hand was wonderful to work with! From the beginning paperwork to the trip to China and through the re-adoption back home, they were with us every step of the way. We truly felt blessed to be part of the Hand in Hand family.

    ...with us every step of the way
    R.L. and H.L.
    of Colorado
    adopted from China


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