Haiti Adoption Program

Haiti Adoption Program

Adopting from Haiti

The Haiti Adoption Program is a long-established program; Hand In Hand began assisting with Haitian adoptions in 1994. Prior to Haiti becoming a party to the Hague Convention on adoption, Hand in Hand worked with two crèches (orphanages) in Haiti. In September 2016, Hand in Hand was re-accredited to work in Haiti under the Hague Convention process.

The ongoing economic crises in Haiti has meant an increase in the number of children in crèches, or orphanages, in need of homes.

The Central Authority for adoption in Haiti is the Institut du Bein-Etre Social et de Recherches (IBESR) in Port-au-Prince. This is the office which approves families to adopt and matches families to children. Only IBSER can make the determination that a child is in need of and qualified for adoption and only IBSER can match a child to a family.

For Haiti adoption program information please Contact Vickie Truelove at our Indiana office.

Types of Children Available

Age at time of match: toddler to 15 years old.

Sibling groups are available.

All children are of African descent.

Healthy children and children with special needs (defined by IBESR as children with challenges including behavior disorders or trauma, physical or mental disabilities, and those who are six years or older and/or members of a sibling group).

Types of Families Accepted

At least one spouse must be at least 30 years old (single applicants must be 35 years old) . No prospective adoptive parents over the age of 50 (relative adoptions excepted).

Prospective adoptive parents may be unmarried, married, or in common law relationships. Haitian procedures do not allow adoptions by same-sex couples regardless of their marital status.

Couples must be living together and married (or in common law relationship) at least five years.

Single heterosexual women accepted.

Potential adoptive parents must be habitually resident in a country other than Haiti (like the United States) in order to qualify for inter-country adoption.

Nurturance period of 2 years from time of finalization of a previous Haitian adoption before submitting a new application to adopt from Haiti.

Travel Requirements

Adoptive parents must travel twice.

Trip 1:  Bonding (both parents must travel) trip of at least 15 days.

Trip 2:  After visa approval, 5 days.

Time Frames

Most adoptions take 18 months to 3 years to be finalized.

About Haiti

The Republic of Haiti shares the lush, tropical island of Hispaniola with the country of Dominican Republic. Haiti lies approximately 50 miles southeast of Cuba and is considered part of the West Indies. Haiti’s culture is a vibrant mixture of African, French, Indian, British and Spanish influences. Haiti is considered the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, over 70% of the adult population is unemployed. Due to much political unrest and dire economic circumstances, there are many beautiful children who become available for adoption.

Location of Haiti
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For more information about the Haiti Adoption Program, contact Vickie Truelove at our Indiana office.