Bulgaria Adoption Program

Bulgaria Adoption Program

Adopting from Bulgaria

The Bulgaria Adoption Program is an excellent option for parents who may wish to adopt a child or sibling group. Bulgaria is party to the Hague Convention and has a very transparent adoption process. The Bulgarian government requires that prospective adoptive parents use a Hague-accredited agency in the United States as well as a Bulgarian adoption agency accredited by the Ministry of Justice. Since 2013, Hand In Hand partners with Vesta Adoption, a non-profit, licensed and accredited, Bulgarian adoption organization, to assist in the placement of children from Bulgarian orphanages and institutions into U.S. adoptive homes. Vesta has over 15 years of experience in helping children find permanent home and families and actively advocates for the protection of the rights on children in Bulgarian institutions. Vesta, like Hand In Hand, believes that every child has a right to a loving, forever family.

Hand In Hand is Hague accredited and we have worked for children since 1974. Our experience plus our partnership with Vesta make us confident and excited about the opportunity to find forever homes for the children of Bulgaria. As a full-service agency, Hand In Hand will assists the families to complete their home study, receive the necessary training, secure their I-800A approval, match a child with them, send their documents to Bulgaria, prepare for travel, and complete the necessary post-placement reports.

For Bulgaria adoption program information please Contact Vickie Truelove at our Indiana office.

Types of Children Available

Children are of a rich, ethnic background: Bulgarian, Turkish and Roma.

Children ages 1-15 years old, with the majority being over three years old.

Male and female children and sibling groups are available.

Most children have mild to moderate medical conditions; the wait for the referral of a healthy child is currently very long.

There is a great need for families open to children between four and eight years old, as well families open to children with special needs.

Types of Families Accepted

There is no age requirement, but at least one parent must be a minimum of 15 years older than the child to be adopted

Married or single applicants are accepted; there is no requirement regarding length of marriage

Applicants may not have a criminal record, a history of deprivation of parental rights, STD, TB, HIV/AIDS, or chronic infectious disease.

Travel Requirements

Both adoptive parents must travel for a total of two trips.

The first trip, in which the prospective adoptive parents receive the official referral and meet the child, is approximately 7 days.

The second trip, which will take place 3-4 months after the first trip, is also approximately 7 days.

Time Frames

Generally, 12-18 months for the adoption of child over the age of three or a child with special needs.

The wait for a referral of a healthy, younger child is up to three years.

About Bulgaria

The Republic of Bulgaria is a diverse country of 7.3 million people, bordered by Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece and Turkey, and the Black Sea. It’s location toward the southeast of Europe puts it at the meeting point of cultures. The majority of the people are of Bulgarian ancestry, but there are many minority groups represented, most notably the Turkish and Roma population. The official language is Bulgarian, the oldest written Slavic language. Currently Bulgaria has a decreasing population, with many young people emigrating.

Bulgaria has an archeological heritage left from it’s many ancient civilizations that makes it fascinating to visit, and has beautiful geographical attractions in the Balkan Mountains and the coast of the Black Sea.

For more information about the Bulgaria Adoption Program, contact Vickie Truelove at our Indiana office.