Brazil Adoption Program

Brazil Adoption Program

Brazil Adoption Program

Hand In Hand is the number one U.S. adoption provider in Brazil through the Brazil Adoption Program. Brazil is an excellent option for families who may wish to adopt a child or sibling group. Hand In Hand’s dedicated staff help every step of the way and work together to help ensure that adoption placements are transparent and in the best interest of each child according to The Hague Convention, Brazilian laws and U.S. laws.

In April 2015, Hand In Hand was authorized by the Brazil Federal Government to begin placing children in the U.S. Hand In Hand was the first U.S. provider to finalize an adoption in Brazil in December 2015, following a 10 year shut down. Hand In Hand received the renewal of their accreditation by the Brazil Federal Government in April 2017. We are working hard to find families and assist all the children in need in Brazil.

For more information about the Brazil Adoption program, please Contact Camilla Gomes at our Brazil Program Office.

Types of Children Available

School age children up to the age of 15 years old, with the majority between 8-15 years of age.

Both male and female children, essentially healthy, are available.

Sibling groups of all ages of two, three, four and more children with strong sibling bond and essentially healthy. There is a great need for families who can adopt them together and help them to keep their sibling bond!

Single children younger than 8 years old with severe special needs.

Types of Families Accepted

Brazil welcomes married, single or same-sex couples. For the married couples, there is no requirement regarding length of marriage.

Parents must be at least 25 years of age and at least 16 years older than the child they wish to adopt.

No medical or age requirements.

Other children at home, both biological and adopted, are accepted.

Travel Requirements

Parents must travel for one trip, 45 days in length, for adoption proceedings in country.

Thirty days of that trip are the co-habilitation period. The family will be living with the child, or children, in Brazil to form the parental bond.

Time Frames

The timing for the entire process ranges from 1 to 2 years.

About Brazil

Brazil is the largest country and economy in Latin America but exhibits a disparity of income with 10% of the population possessing 47% of the national income. Brazil has an estimated population of approximately 200,4 million people and 200,000 children and youths living in institutions. Poverty is the principal factor causing boys and girls to be residing in shelters.

Brazil is a tropical paradise with breathtaking landscapes and ceaseless natural beauties. Brazil also has an incredibly rich culture with great music such as samba and bossa nova, local food and a unique energy. Brazilian people have mixed-race ancestries with particular physical traits that come from the mix of Portuguese, Germans, Italians, Japanese, Native Americans and Africans. The mix of these races results in Brazilian beauty recognized by the whole world. Brazilian people are known by their happiness, affection, great dancing and by their outgoing and friendly personality. The Brazilian children who need a family are just like that, and you will love them instantly.

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For more information about the Brazil Adoption Program, please Contact Camilla Gomes at our Brazil Program Office.